Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015's Greatest Models Part III with Chase "Whitehill" Rubeor

She was Sircus Magazine's most wildly distributed and popular Cover Model. She was the first double cover Issue Released model Sircus had ever had for a single Issue release. Additionally, she is 5'11" of absolutely perfection in every way.  Chase is the epitome of flawless. She is one of the most naturally born models we have ever run across.

A perfect set of events had to happen for our chance meeting. A prior model learned of a casting and told Chase about it. Chase in turn contacted us for a last minute meet up in the middle of nowhere to discuss her potential inclusion for publishing in a special swimwear magazine edition of Sircus Magazine. We were literally down to the wire on time and she literally squeaked in at the last possible second to make the shoot and publishing deadline. She literally drove through three cities in mid-day traffic on a weekend just to have a face to face and to discuss just the possibility of being chosen for a spot. I was already impressed by her dedication and commitment. When someone does that we're already likely to extend a great deal of trust in them and willing to put forth a lot of effort to make sure their included.

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It was a good thing she did. If looks were all that it took then she sealed the deal. The stylist was with me the day we'd met Chase for the first time and seconds after our meeting adjourned she was busy discussing ideas and the exact styling she had in mind for our newest prospective model. When the stylist is that excited about a model I knew at that exact moment magic was gonna happen.

Once the garments and accessories were chosen by the stylist, Chase's measurements were checked again, then confirmed and the stylist worked her magic. The day of the shoot came quickly after weeks of planning and styling. The very first image was absolutely amazing, and then the second and third and so on. The clothing was made to her it seemed; superbly fitted and styled marvelously accentuating her best and plentiful extraordinary beautiful features. Few times had we seen anyone so stunning and visually commanding. We were also all stunned by how effortlessly she moved from pose to pose; those subtle gestures that seemed so nuanced and yet so powerful when the image was captured. I call them transition poses or flowing gestures. She glided between them and she displayed some of the most dynamic posing we had witnessed. Tasteful, powerful, attention-grabbing and also beautiful, lithe and graceful. Chase has it all.
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In 2015 and more than 18 months later Chase visits us once more. All those subtle graceful poses and naturally ballet like transitions were still there. The stylist planned polished cowgirl-like denim wear look to a metro chic white on white silk romper with the accessories to match. It was stunning. Chase... like she always does, mastered every single look.

She is more than a perfect body and a flawless face. She is intuitive; sensing every change in my location and she anticipated angles of capture and followed my movements for the best light and composition. She is also highly imaginative and creative knowing when to engage the camera directly and when to look away casually and candidly. When we shot the denim she posed more casually without being told. When we went to urban chic looks she was more refined and yet dynamic. She sought interesting angles for the ideal body lines, shapes and shadows. By all intents and purposes, Chase is a perfect model.

Should anyone ask about what we're looking for in a model we simply say study Chase's posing. Study Chase's body language and facial expressiveness. But what Chase does that can't be taught is replying to a casting call in timely manner. What we can't teach you that Chase did on her own is willingness to drive across town to meet us in person to insure we shared common goals and objectives and to prove her commitment to the project. What can't be taught is letting us know with an email and a call that she has received our Call Sheet and that she has every expectation of being able to make and keep the shoot schedule. What can't be taught is making it to the shoot on time and not rushing thru it and allotting the appropriate amount of time to see the project through.  What we can't teach is respecting other artists time on the set and staying the course until the shoot is done. Very importantly, what we can't tell you to do is to periodically check in and let us know your availability and modeling status from time to time and if you're still interested in upcoming projects. All those things are just as important as being talented and gorgeous. It could be said, that those are the things that make you a professional and Chase has it all.

Like any great model, she is not overly demanding. She is not burdensome or needy. She always arrives on-time, prepared and ready for anything. She made our 2015 - and quite frankly our 2014 spectacular. 

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