Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015's Greatest Models Part II with ShyAng3L

For all the reasons she was the 2013 Model of the Year and Cover Model of Sircus Magazine Issue 5, are the same things that make her one of 2015's Greatest Models. There are few people we have worked with as much as her. In fact, there may be no one we have worked with as often as ShyAng3L. But to be fair, we do tend to give preferential treatment to individuals that are extremely professional, talented, diverse and quite frankly have agreeable personalities.

It is her ability to shift from one visual persona to the next that makes her so intriguing a model. One shoot with her can often appear to an outsider to look like ten different shoots if we so choose. She fully engages what we're shooting on a emotional level. If we're doing dark and moody she will emote dark. If we're shooting light and fashionable, then she will emote light and fashionable. No one else changes as effortlessly as she can.

Yet, with all her abilities it is her stunning beauty that captivates us the most. But she doesn't flaunt it. She is not even fully aware of how insanely gorgeous she is and that makes her even more attractive than most people I know; people who actively model day in and day out. Additionally, she is the sweetest person I've ever met. Her voice is barely a whisper but when she models no words are needed. Her body, her posing, her skin, face, hair, her extraordinary and infinitely youthful look screams volumes.
Even after more than three years she can still be a little anxious at the start, (those first few seconds). But given just the right amount of coaxing, she swiftly goes right into character.  Despite her namesake, I don't necessarily feel that she is shy. She is simply gentler and kinder than most people we've worked with before. But if you need a bad ass harlot for a look or a fairy princess, ShyAng3L is definitely the model to have because not only can she do the look, she is the most creatively malleable person I've personally ever known. She can do both on the same shoot and within minutes of one another in a way that is both beautiful and convincing.

She is not going to push back and tell you something isn't possible. She will not argue with you and tell you she won't do it or try it. If it's stylish, tasteful and she trusts you, then she will do it and do it well. In fact, no model I've ever had with the exception of maybe Trexie Dorrell has successfully done and mastered as many genres as ShyAng3L. Fashion, beauty, cosplay, lingerie, art, creative and swimwear are just a few of the things we have done together over the years. We have done more themed shoots together than anyone and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them.  She would bring me an idea or two and we would just do them - no questions asked on why or how. She was simply that kind of person and model. You want to do everything for her because you know she would excel in all that she does. As a result, we would always make extraordinary images. As of yet, those images still remain some of our best ever.

Unfortunately, we suspect that as time carries on our sessions will be fewer and farther between. It is simply the way of things as we scale back our operations to pursue different graphic design and video projects and she travels more as the demand for her talent continues to grow. Yet, as far as modeling and friendship goes, ShyAng3L can return again and again as much as she desires and we will always try to make time for her. Her talent, beauty, versatility and kindness has no equal. She remains and will likely always be one of our most revered collaborations.

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