Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sircus Magazine Issue 9 Special Swimwear Edition Releases

Publishing Sircus Magazine Issue 9 had to be the most challenging and yet rewarding experiences ever. I owe it all to our chief stylist / booking agent / and my primary lighting assistant Trexie Dorrell. 

Trexie is my greatest inspiration and a chief of staff in a manner of speaking. She orchestrates the makeup artists, the models, the hair stylists, the manicurists as well as choose and assemble clothing, write pull orders, orders props, orders clothing and accessories, co-edits, help with transportation services for models when applicable and even aids in makeup and lighting. She is the reason anything gets done. Nothing could happen without her. She is the one every model we publish has to get pass to even get an audience. Whether it’s me that’s talking on the phone with them or not, Trexie influences decisions and assists in making judgement on whether or not a makeup artist or model or anyone meets our criteria. She’s not always as tall as some of our other talent, but unbeknownst to them, Trexie has and could take anyone’s place. She has been on the other side of that camera before and she is as skilled as anyone I’ve ever known. 

No matter what you do in the art world it’s always better to have a second opinion if you take your work seriously. Trexie is all 100% pragmatic. I may have the eye and the technical skill to pull off most any look, but it is she that jumps in a tells me what is and what is not practical. Despite what I think of a stylist, a fellow photographer or a dress maker, Trexie takes out all emotion and reminds me of what is at stake; our reputation for excellence, our style and our quality. 

I have a personal saying, “ We choose to collaborate with someone because we believe they are the best. A lesser artist chooses to collaborate with someone because they are available.” It’s important to distinguish the difference between the two. We believe it’s important to choose discriminately. With graphic design and photography being such overcrowded fields, it is ever more paramount to have extremely high standards and to keep getting better and better at what you do. Trexie helps me to keep my standards high and minimize unnecessary risks. For that I am eternally grateful.

I continue to seek out new partnerships such as Trexie. We look to collaborate with dedicated skilled people. Even someone new may hold promise of greater things. We all began somewhere and we still have so much more to learn from one another. We welcome all the models of Issue 9 to the Helios/Sircus Magazine family and more collaborations from those individuals of various creative fields we have yet to meet. 

Special thanks to Trexie Dorrell for making Issue 9 wonderful. This Issue is dedicated to you. 


Editor/Photographer/Graphic Designer