Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Rant on Kim Kardashian

My Thursday Rant: Thousands or perhaps millions of views, comments, hits, shares and posts. What is the obsession with Kim K? When did she become the moral compass (that's how she's treated) of society and when did society become so obsessive so as to ignore our own personal principles and focus so much on someone that doesn't even care if you even exist?

Her antics really are just that. Antics. If you don't like it, then don't look, don't buy it and don't share it. Those that continue to badger her and her lifestyle are simply looking for affirmation of their own. Furthermore, you're really giving these attention thriving alleged celebrities exactly what they want; press, controversy, media attention and ultimately more money and status. 

You're all being played. The message here is get a life. Kim will continue to do what she does and the Internet is raving about it like crack addicts (pun intended). 

Let me clue you in on something IT'S JUST NOT THAT BIG A DEAL. Why do you care what she does? You should be getting your morals at home and not on television or social media and quite frankly it's not Kim's responsibility to tell you when and when not to look. She's just putting it out there. I saw it and five seconds later I forgot the picture or that Kim K even existed. I moved on with my life. But because it's an ongoing trend to literally gang up on these celebrities as if they're priest and schoolteachers compelled me to write something. 

I don't necessarily agree with it or disagree with what she does and I will never call it art. It's the same trend being perpetuated over and over again by the same select groups that have nothing better to do. There was a Miley Cyrus episode, then Rihanna, then J Lo and now it's Kim K. Tomorrow the cycle begins again. Who cares?  I just don't really care what she does or doesn't do. What I will call it is inconsequential. These people have a platform because society at large gives them one. Just like "if you build it they will come." If you ignore them they will eventually fall away into obscurity. Her looks and her more than modest derrière are likely her greatest assets so I say "whatever" because despite all this nonsense she "made you look." You're either titillated or disgusted. Either way she got paid. 

I didn't get my sense of morality from social media or the Internet. I got mine from my parents. So while you're blaming her for flaunting the bottom that you either want or that you are disgusted by I don't think she even cares. I don't cause I don't know her and I'm not in a position to judge.