Thursday, May 29, 2014

Submission Tips to Photographers, Writers, Models and other Artists

Here’s a marketing tip to photographers, models, artists in general, writers, etc. If you’re looking to have your work published in a periodical of some sort the first question you will be asked by any reputable one is “has this work been published, publicized in any other form including social media before?” In other words, it’s likely meaningless to them if if it’s been seen by the world already. 

Periodicals like exclusivity and if nothing else, they would like to be the ones to release it first. If they charge for their periodical then it becomes moreso of an issue. There is their business model to consider such as ad revenue vs. non-profit or some other paradigm. But as a subscriber or reader, why pay for it when you can get it for free on the Internet albeit at a much lesser quality or delivery medium? Think about how, when and where you are submitting your artistic work. You might be hurting your own chances of being published. Guard your best work and choose wisely when submitting.